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People from all over the world move to the UK every year with hopes of settling down with a dream job or exploring a promising business opportunity, or simply because they feel a connection to the place they have been wanting to live. Investing in a better life in the United Kingdom offers a great way to harness your potential while exploring a new culture at the same time.

There are voices from all corners of the UK that are recognized globally, whether in the arts, science, business, or sports.

The process usually takes five years, so patience and diligence are needed. There are many opportunities available to you if you decide to move to the UK permanently. The eligibility criteria, application procedure, and different routes to applying will be discussed.

Get Citizenship for Uk by Investment

Get Citizenship for Uk by Investment

– One of the highest standards of living in the world and a member of the G-7 group of countries.
– A diverse and multicultural society, represented by large cultural and ethnic communities.
– A high standard of education with a broad network of state and private schools, and more than 150 universities and higher education institutions.
– One of the best free medical care services in the world.
– Access to business opportunities throughout Europe.
– London is unrivaled as a financial business centre.
– The travel mobility and security of a UK passport.


– Foreign nationals must apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain to become UK permanent residents.
– Applicants must have spent at least 76% of their time in the UK.
– Applicants must demonstrate a knowledge of the English language and life in the UK.
– Permanent residents have the freedom to live and work in the UK without any restriction.


– Applications for citizenship can be made after holding permanent residence for at least 1 year and meeting residency requirements.

Please note:

The UK has terminated the Tier 1 Investor Visa route on February 17, 2022.

As of March 2023, the only available option for investors and startups to gain residency in the UK is the Innovator Founder route. This visa is available to applicants starting April 13, 2023. This is the option available to applicants who can demonstrate business ideas that are innovative, viable, and scalable. The application process includes obtaining endorsement letters from one of three government-designated endorsing bodies. This visa is given for three years and can be renewed.


Applicants for the Innovator Founder visa can submit their applications at the UK government website starting April 13, 2023. They can do so from outside the UK or also while in the UK on any other type of visa, which will then switch to the Innovator Founder visa.