– Inclusion of spouse and children under 18 years old.
– Fast processing.
– Visa-free travel to the countries in the Schengen Area, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland.
– Able to stay in any Schengen Member State up to three months within any half year.
– No physical residency requirements.
– The right for the applicant to work in Latvia.
– The right to receive discounted or free education within the European Union.
– The right to obtain a Latvian driver’s licence, which is valid in all Member States of the European Union.
– The right to acquire and register a vehicle within the territory of Latvians.



– Aged 18 years or older.
– Applicant must have no criminal record;
– Applicants must have sufficient income to support the applicant and dependents.
– €13,320 /year – Main Applicant
– €4,440 /year – Spouse
– €2,592 /year – Per child
– Health Insurance for applicant and dependents.
– Make a qualifying investment in real estate, or in the share capital of a Latvian company and hold the investment for 5 years.



– The applicant must invest in Real-estate or shares in a company in Latvia.
– Real Estate investment.
– €250,000 minimum investment.
– 5% government fee.
– 2% Registration fees.
– Share Investment.
– €50,000 investment in shares of a Latvia company.
– €5,000 Arrangement and Due Diligence fees.
– €10,000 Stamp Duties.
– The investment must be held for a minimum of 5 years, and must be retained if the residency permit is renewed.



– Fast processing within approx. 90 days to obtain a Temporary Residence Permit.
– Successful applicants and dependents will be granted a Temporary Residence Permit valid for 5 years.
– Applicants who have kept their investment for 5 years can apply for renewal for an additional 5 years every 5 years subject to payment of a renewal fee of €5,000.
– Applicants who have continuously resided in Latvia for 5 years will be entitled to apply for a permanent resident permit.
– Applicants and their dependents can receive subsidized healthcare and education benefits after becoming permanent residents.
– Applicants and their dependents can apply for Latvian Citizenship after 10 years of legal residence in Latvia.